Whether they’re learning remotely or doing their homework, your children will find it easier if their tablet is propped up in a Flex180 stand. It’s easier to use a tablet in an upright position, and because it leaves their hands free, they can concentrate on taking notes and completing workbooks.

When watching videos, your children will be able to maintain a better posture when they’re not hunched over a desk or tablet with their phone or tablet laying flat on the surface. 

 You must not look at your phone for prolonged periods of time while you are at work or school. This can lead to a loss of five hours of productivity lost. When you use a phone stand it keeps your cell phone out of your sight and out of your mind so that you can focus on your work well.

Few facts about mobile phones:

  • 93 percent of mobile phone owners use a smartphone
  • The market is anticipate to soar at $108 billion by the year 2022
  • 92 percent people feel uncomfortable leaving their phone unattended or at home. Hence they need a phone stand or holder to keep their phones at one dedicated place.