So the first thing you’ll want to think about, of course, is the equipment you need and how that factors into your desk setup. Do you work off a desktop or laptop? Are you a notepad and pen type person, or prefer to type notes and thoughts down? What peripherals do you think would be the most helpful in working productively?

When it comes to creating the best desk setup for home office, it’s not just about what’s on your desk but also about behavior. Working from home can often be difficult because there are fewer distractions, so you don’t take as many breaks as you might in the office. This causes additional strain, stiffness, and eye strain so remember - take breaks! Short and frequent breaks around the 20-minute mark are a great way to break up the monotony and help you refocus a bit.

The Flex180 Laptop Aluminum Stand is your perfect solution to keep your desk or table organized and clutter-free. Keep your important devices off the ground and standing upright in its cradle, with protective grips.  Crafted with a modern touch, our stand is a sleek desk accessory and elegant addition to your workspace