When we think about technology, a lot of the focus is on what it does, how fast it performs, capabilities. And while all those elements are essential, we never really talk about the materials used to make our favourite device. Aluminium is one of the primary materials used in tech and across different industries such as construction, transport, and consumer goods. 

However, in technology, aluminium is one of the most prominent materials used. Whether it's smartphones or peripheral accessories, it's clear that aluminium has many benefits that make it a solid choice. 

But there are other reasons why aluminium is a great choice is because there are also environmental benefits of recycling aluminium. It's cheaper to craft and fabricate than steel, which is a crucial benefit that helps keep prices stable for aluminium products.  

Aluminium is supposed to be 100% recyclable without losing its natural properties, which is a massive plus point considering the amount of aluminium needed to create new products.  

It also takes 5% of the energy to recycle scrap aluminium compared to what is needed to create new aluminium, making recycling a much more feasible option. 

The environmental factors and the natural properties of aluminium make it the right choice for both Apple and Flex180 products. Because aluminium is so lightweight, it reduces the overall weight of the product itself, thereby lowering the products' overall energy consumption.